Earth Goddess Candles - Hand-poured soy candles inspired by nature
Earth Goddess Candles are hand-poured and feature unique fragrances inspired by nature.  These fragrances are painstakingly selected and blended to enhance their individual properties.

Here's a description of our original fragrances:
       lemongrass+green tea - a clean, fresh scent with an unexpected twist
       lavender+cucumber - soothing lavender is dominant, but the coolness of the cucumber and a hint of mint come through
       rosemary w/lemon+vanilla- there's nothing like the scent of rosemary to stir the senses, and lemon and vanilla are a great complement
       basil+spearmint - spicy basil and distinctive spearmint are a curious combination, but it works!
       pomegranate+grapefruit - can a candle smell juicy?  This one is mouth-watering
       pear+white tea - the Goddess's favorite drink makes a delicate, delicious fragrance
       pumpkin+spice - warm and autumnal, you can almost feel the leaves crunching underfoot
       NEW!  tomato+herb - sun-ripened tomato with basil and other herbs, best smells of summer
       NEW!  tarragon w/citrus+vanilla - this is probably our most unusual fragrance . . . fresh and earthy.
The Goddess now formulates unique, signature fragrances for brides and others celebrating special occasions.  Click here to find out more.

NEW!  Fragrances inspired by some of the Goddess's favorite operas.  Click here or on the 'Interlude' link in the navigation bar to see them all.

Please note that the use of the word "essences" in our descriptions is as a synonym for "fragrance," rather than a claim that essential oils were used in the creation of the candle.  While most of the oils used to make our candles contain essential oils, not all do.  Rest assured The Goddess has gone to great lengths to ensure each fragrance smells as close to nature as possible.
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